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At Fine Earth Landscape, Inc. we don’t just mow the grass and put in plants for a season — we transform your outdoor living area into a place of beauty for years to come. We are a full-service landscape design/build and maintenance company that appreciates the lasting joy of a well-planned, skillfully maintained garden space. From lovely plantings to patios perfect for entertaining, functional decks and walls to tranquil water features, our experts create the garden environment that fits your space and enriches your life.

We’ve built a strong reputation in the mid-Atlantic capital region — Montgomery County, northern Virginia, and Washington, D.C. — as a landscape contractor for both commercial and residential landcsape clients. Our full service landscape design/build and maintenance services bring beauty to the homes of our residential clients, and we have carved out a niche building large retaining walls commercially.

Whether for your home or business, Fine Earth Landscape partners with you to ensure the highest level of customer service so that your outside environment is a lasting source of joy. Your unique landscape grows through effective communication from the start, proper management and warranty guarantee over time, and a long-term relationship you can rely on. And with a decade of regional and national industry awards behind us, we provide skillful expertise you can trust.

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