Company History

Fine Earth Landscape, Inc.’s History

In 1976 two young men with a van, a pickup truck, and a love of landscape teamed up to form a small business. Only a year out of high school and just enrolled at the University of Maryland’s landscape program, they started small.

In 1977, they split the business. Bernie Mihm used his half of the investment to incorporate Fine Earth Landscape, Inc., concentrating on providing outstanding personalized service for his clients from the very beginning.

In 1981, Fine Earth Landscape won its first landscape award.

In 1989, a new partnership began to form. Having just completed service in the U.S. Army Honor Guard, Joel Hafner began work at Fine Earth Landscape as a low-paid laborer. Joel quickly established himself as an invaluable team member, working his way up through diligent commitment, night classes, and old-fashioned hard work. Within five years, Joel was general manager.

In 1999, Joel Hafner became a full fifty-percent partner in Fine Earth Landscape. He was appointed president in 2002. Since then, Joel’s projects in Washington, D.C., Montgomery County, and northern Virginia have won many awards for the team, continuing to build Fine Earth Landscape’s reputation and cultivate the tradition of outstanding quality and service.

Although Fine Earth Landscape is much larger than it was in 1977, our team still maintains the excellent personalized service that has been key to our success. Contact us to put our skill to work for you.

Deep Roots in Customer Service and Landscape Expertise


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