Warranty Info

Lifetime Guarantee On Plants & Two Year Guarantee On Labor

This guarantee exceeds all guarantees that we know of. All claims must be made in writing before the end of the guarantee period.

  1. As long as you, the original purchaser, live full time in the residence where the plants are planted, the plants are guaranteed. We give you a new plant (of the same variety and size when planted), ONE TIME free of charge. Planting labor is also free for two years. After two years you pay for labor or you can pick up the plants at our nursery. Exceptions: annuals, plants in tubes or boxes, Chrysanthemums, TRANSPLANTS, seeding and sodding. Please note that the original plants are only replaced ONE time at no cost.
  2. Proper care shall include (but not limited to) watering sufficiently and spraying for insect and disease control.
  3. Replacements will be done during the next planting season, as long as plants are available. Customer may request substitution if plants cannot be found.
  4. FELCO, Inc. is not responsible for losses or damage caused by storms, snow breakage, mechanical injury, vandalism or other factors beyond our control.
  5. Sod – We suggest that you immediately call your lawn service or our Maintenance Manager to begin treatments on new sod. The healthiest, newest sod that is being watered correctly is the most susceptible to fungus. Sometimes fungus will occur within a few weeks and the sod will need to be treated.
  6. Please note that when the purchaser is a builder/contractor and that person does not live on site, the plant guarantee is the standard one year.


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